• Property Line Determinations and Property Retracement Surveys: A property retracement survey is necessary to clearly define your boundary lines prior to any construction of improvements or if there is a question about their location. Let us do a survey before your project starts. You will need to provide basic information about the parcel (i.e., tax parcel ID number, street address, deed reference, formal name of current owner, parcel size, etc.). Our work most always includes courthouse research, field survey and computations to evaluate whatever boundary evidence exists. Upon finalizing boundary calculations, we return to your property to set any missing corners and flag any recovered markers that we verify as accurate. Our services can include the drafting of a scale drawing which documents our findings and a legal description.
  • Land Title Survey: A Land Title Survey is an investigation and evaluation of factors affecting boundary locations, ownership lines, rights of way and easements within or immediately surrounding a certain lot or parcel of land. Our survey will locate the perimeter, division lines, or boundaries and area of the certain lot or parcel of land.
  • A Land Title Survey differs from a traditional property survey in that the Land Title Survey is for title insuring purpose and therefore must include greater detail not normally gathered in the traditional or standard property survey. The practice of locating land boundaries requires the services of a Registered Professional Land Surveyor well versed in boundary law and the mechanics of measuring values.
  • ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey: Commercial real estate transactions are often complex and involve multiple sites that require land title surveys. The American Land Title Association, in conjunction with the American Congress on Surveying & Mapping and the National Society of Professional Surveyors, has established basic standard requirements for land title surveys. These land title survey standards provide consistency across the country.
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Surveys are required by most lenders, title insurers, attorneys and buyers of commercial real estate. ALTA surveys show the surveyor's findings about the property boundaries, easements, encroachments, improvements and utilities within the property. ALTA surveys also provide information regarding zoning and flood zone designation of the property.
  • Static and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Surveys Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology:With RTK and GPS technology, we can provide a survey of your land up to the centimeter in real-time.
  • Ties to State Plane Coordinate System: The SPCS consists of 124 geographic coordinate systems in the US. We use information from the SPCS to provide accurate readings of your lot's location.
  • Topographic Surveys: A topographic survey shows the topography of a specific parcel(s). Elevations are taken with surveying equipment at several points on the property and plotted on paper. Contours are drawn to connect identical points of elevation.
  • Ground Control for Aerial-Photogrammetric Mapping: We work with specialty contractor to servery land using high-tech aerial photography for laser imagery. Using this, we can analyze the 3D layout of your land.
  • Utility Location and Identification: Find out exactly where existing utilities lie before you build.
  • Construction Stakeout and Survey Site Control: We can provide benchmarks reference points and stakes in the field that will guide the construction crew on where to build the site improvements.
  • Flood Elevation Certificates: For Properties in Special Flood Areas that want to purchase flood insurance, it is required by the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 for properties to obtain a certificate which are generated by an engineer, surveyor or qualified person. The certificated help determine proper flood insurance premium rates for the improvements on the property. Flood Elevation Certificates are routinely required by lenders when a property is being mortgaged for purchase or if a property is being refinanced. The subject property is most always adjoining, or neat a mapped watercouce.


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Land surveying is the process of mapping out physical land for the purpose of boundaries or land ownership. At D.C. Gohn, Associates, Inc., we offer a variety of surveying services listed below.


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