Types of Services for Landscape Architecture

Lawn - Landscape Architecture in Mount Joy, PA
We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality landscape architecture in addition to other services rendered. As primarily Lancaster, York and Dauphin Counties premier surveying company, we work hard to get results. We'll be with you every step of the way with services like site and master planning and project development. Find out more about what we offer here.

  • Site Analysis and Evaluation: Before you build, we'll provide a thorough analysis of your site. The topography, the drainage pattern, availability of utilities, site access and other
  • Site Planning for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Sites: When you plan for a new structure, we can help you by zone planning, zoning, access, privacy, land drainage, and many other factors. The most important goalis that the end result meets your needs
  • Environmental Impact Statements: The National Environmental Policy Act requires an EIS. We'll provide the pros and cons of your proposed project to the state for you.
  • Construction Observation: We conduct on-site construction observations and provide full reports.
  • Site Plan Renderings: Do you need to visualize what your project will look like once it's done? Let us design site plan renderings for you.
  • Project Management: If you're looking for an all-inclusive service, we offer project management by planning, controlling resources, overseeing work, and achieving all your project goals.
  • Site Planning for Parks and Recreation Areas: We'll provide a detailed plan for your community's newest park.
  • Master Planning: Large plots of land for commercial or residential developments need a master plan. Our experienced professionals can walk you through it.
  • Zone Relief: We can assist you by preparing the necessary zoning variances and/or special exceptions for your project. Such approvals are not always required but may be necessary depending upon the location of the property, it's configuration along with the existing and proposed use.

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