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Norlanco Medical Center


Cloverleaf Road, Mount Joy Township/Lancaster County, Pennsylvania




September 21, 2004


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November 8, 2004


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March 4, 2005


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Norlanco Medical Center is currently constructing an expansion of their existing facility and will include a physical therapy facility, an eye specialist, and a pharmacy. The total building expansion contains 18,423 square feet. the existing parking facilities are to be enlarged to provide the increased number of parking spaces necessary to support the building expansion project. The existing parking as well as the proposed expansion will be connected to the public water supply as part of the expansion. The site is presently connected to the public sanitary sewer system. the existing storm water management facilities, which were designed as part of the last site expansion approved in 1990, will be modified and enlarged to accommodate this proposal. A detention basin expansion is proposed in the southwest portion of the site which inter-connects to the existing basin located in the northwest corner of the tract. 

D. C. Gohn Associates, Inc provided for the many municipal, county, state, and Department of Environmental Protection approvals necessary to successfully complete the final plan for this project.


32 Mount Joy Street - P.O. Box 128 - Mount Joy, PA 17552-0128 - (717) 653-5308

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