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Dr. Sharon L. Grissinger, DPM


Frank Street, Mount Joy Borough/Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


August 11, 2004


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September 2, 2004


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September 21, 2004


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November 8, 2004


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December 12, 2004


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The Grissinger project proposes the construction of a 4,072 square foot podiatrists office on this 0.63 acre tract. The improvements include underground storm water management facilities, construction of a new parking facility, and patient drop-off area, as well as sidewalk improvement at the property frontage.

D.C. Gohn Associates, Inc. provided the engineering and consultation needed to gain the necessary approvals for this project. those approvals include Mount Joy Borough, Lancaster County Conservation District (L.C.C.D.), Lancaster County Planning Commission (L.C.P.C.), and the Department of Environmental Protection.


32 Mount Joy Street - P.O. Box 128 - Mount Joy, PA 17552-0128 - (717) 653-5308

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